Long-distance and rugged datalink

The FL3 is a UHF radio modem based on EFIX's technical expertise and extensive field work experience. With many innovative features, the FL3 provides reliable base-to-rover RTK GNSS corrections over long communication distances.

Commonly used frequency channels can be preset and the output power can be adjusted from 5 to 28 W according to the environmental constraints of the project. The customizable parameter setting function allows operators to easily start the FL3 radio modem by simply pressing the corresponding control buttons.

Long-distance transmission of RTK corrections
  • Maximize coverage of a single base for multiple rovers
  • 30 km radius and even more (in good conditions).)
Easily adjustable transmission power rate to suit different environments and conditions.
  • Up to 28W
  • Deliver RTK corrections data in an effective-and-efficient way
  • Either in open fields or in urban areas
Optimized user interface for easy configuration and control of the data link
  • 1x LCD display,
  • 3x LED indicators,
  • 5x function buttons
  • Preset frequency channels

Rugged industrial design suitable for various challenging working environments

  • IP67 dust- and waterproof
  • Enhanced heat radiator
  • Robust metal housing